Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of Food & Family (Part I)

They say that "the family that prays together, stays together." I believe this. I also believe that "the family that eats together, stays together."
Apart from our love for one another and our faith in the Almighty, I believe that our love for food, good food, unites us.
Every now and then, we (my family, uncles and aunts, cousins, a few cherished friends whom we consider as family) gather around the table, savor and enjoy good food, and share stories about anything and everything under the sun.

So here's a peak into my family and the food that we enjoy :)

*Pictures were taken last Feb 28, 2009. It was also our Lolo Clarence's birthday. We miss him dearly.

(Lola and her babies)

(Lola & her children-in-law)

(Lola with some of her grandchildren. We missed you Gelli, Mariz, Joy, Nina, Clare, JB, Valen)

(my sister, Tanya, with our cuz Jcboy, his wife, Shalika & baby Johnber)

(lola & my dad, wearing lolo's stetson)


(tita ica's salad greens with apples, red grapes, blue cheese & balsamic dressing)

(tita marivic's spicy seafood penne pasta with marinara sauce)

(tita marivic's tabouleh)

(fish fillet with tartar sauce & butterflied prawns with lemon butter sauce)

(my dad's roasted herb and pepper crusted sirloin au jus)

(my dad's pork asado)

(fruit bowl, my tita ica's fusion turon & my banana streusel muffins)

good food

great company



Tangled Noodle said...

Thank you for sharing your family photos (and pics of the great food)! My husband and I visited the Philippines (his first ever, my first in 18 years) during Christmas and we had such a great time - seeing your family reminded me of my own.

bébé de sucre said...

thanks for dropping by :)

Coconut Girl Connie said...

This reminds me so much of our parties in Hawaii, but you guys really kick it up a notch, my mouth is watering!

curiousdomestic said...

Wow. That is some spread. Makes me miss family reunions. Thanks for sharing. 8)

bébé de sucre said...

@Coconut Girl Connie & curiousdomestic: thanks for dropping by my site :)