Tuesday, April 13, 2010

birthday cupcakes for gelli

It was my sister's birthday last March 5. I wanted to surprise her with a birthday cake but seeing that I had no talent whatsoever when it comes to cake decorating, I decided on making some cupcakes instead.

I was suppose to bake the cupcakes before we left for Manila but my oven did not cooperate so I had to bake the cupcakes in Manila one day after her birthday.

I used my trusted chocolate cake recipe but tweaked the frosting a bit. I added cocoa and coffee to half of the frosting. The other half I left plain. I preferred the vanilla frosting but my sisters liked the mocha flavored frosting. Either way, I still have to thank my sister Tanya for taking these photos.


Mhel said...

Hey! Thanks for the add on Foodbuzz... How ironic, we just had the same post about cupcakes. I think youve heard of Blushing Cupcakes. They have a lot of yummy treats at a low price... U

bébé de sucre said...

thanks Mhel for dropping by and for the add on Foodbuzz as well.
I'll try to drop by Blushing cupcakes one of these days. :)